Summary Bad seeing, lot of instrument troubles. Little useful data on SN and GRB.

Observers: Xiaohui Fan, Linhua Jiang

Support: Marco Pedani, Olga Kuhn

Operator David Gonzalez Huerta

All Time UT

2148 beautiful afternoon sky. I can see a few clouds around horizon.

0050 25 biases

0100 nice sunset, lingering clouds on the horizon. I am going to declare it non-photometric.

0145 various issues with telescope; mirror went into panic. We will have to skip sky flat.

0300 we are dealing with a few issues now: DX mirror; IDL license issue and bad seeing from Polaris measurements. We are now using blue only when John Hill et al. trying to fix the DX.

0330 now DX is OK. after RB_rVfastextra, seeing is about 1.5". Landolt field: SA95_UsUBVrRIY.ob: lbcb.20080207.033309, lbcr.20080208.033308 (1.4") .

0350 We now have a series of filter failures, so this OB was not complete. move on to GRB080205 as seeing worsens.

0412 seeing converges at 1.7" with lbcfpia, starting grb080205_Feb6.ob , 7x180sec (2-2.5")

0445 seeing seems to be improving. grb080205_Feb6.ob, 5x180sec, 2-2.5"

0528 seeing still variable. sn07ax_BI.ob 8x120sec, 2" seeing

0555 closing due to high winds

0700 Happy Lunar New Year. This is the year of rat, and the Chinese year 4706.

0940 wind coming down a bit. we open again

0950 after lbcfpia, doing SA104UsY.ob (weather seems to be photometric): seeing=1.5"

1005 doing SA107UsY.ob

1025 moving to Bootes field

1114 we struggled with the camera for the last hour; seemed to be some network related issue. After a few restart and reboot, we finally convinced it to work, in time for the wind to pick up again and seeing to go to hell. We are closing.

1200 still windy; calling it a night. We have our share of problems tonight, including primary, various problems with the camera, and of course weather. Better luck tomorrow!

-- XiaohuiFan - 06 Feb 2008
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