LBC PartnerObserving Quick Reference

This page is out-of-date

Current quick-start instructions may be found here

Turn on LBC

  • HouseKeeping (may already be on)
  • Other Systems
  • Connect to LBT

Set up scripts to monitor image transfer & images

  • Image reporting
    • Open an xterm and run quickfile (full path not needed but for reference is /home/lbcobs/supportscripts/ObserverSupport/ This will list the name of each image as it arrives in /Repository.
  • Display
    • Open another xterm and type Red_Science. This will open a ds9 window and display the Science images as they arrive in /Repository. If it crashes, it should re-launch the ds9 window automatically when the latest image arrives.
    • Likewise, in a second xterm type Blue_Science to display the images from LBCB.
    • Note that the IRAF session can only interact with one ds9.

Set up image analysis routine

  • Open 2 xterms and type idl in each one to start an IDL session in it.
  • Type lbcfpia in one of these to run the pupil image analysis program for LBC-Blue. This will display the latest image in /Repository, analyze the pupils, and give the user the option of sending the results to the mirror (PSF sub-system).
  • Type lbcfpia, /red in the other one to run the pupil image analysis program for LBC-Red.

Take biases & dark

Take twilight flats

check Pointing

Focus and Collimate

  • Slew to the first standard star field or target (with stars! - if not, a nearby region with stars)
  • Run dofpia to obtain pupil images and automatically analyze these. The first run may indicate only a change in focus (Z4) - or it may not work at all in which case, either try again or manually adjust focus, coma or spherical aberration. Follow the instructions at ByEyeAO.

Obtain data on first standard star field if photometric

  • Every 30-40 minutes repeat focus & collimation.

At the end of the night

  • Log the OBs done.
  • You may wish to report any problems in IssueTrak. The account name and password for the SDT observer will be pasted on the computer at the mountain.
  • Shutdown LBC:
    • turn off "filter/rotator/camera/trackers"
    • disconnect from LBT
    • leave HouseKeeping on so temperature and vacuum may be monitored during the day.

Accounts Needed

The observer should login to the desktop on the summit (lbtmu03,4 or 5) using their partner login and password.
  • To edit the wiki, they should have a username/password.
  • Also, they should have a username/password to report any problems in the issuetrak system.

-- OlgaKuhn - 05 Jun 2007, JohnHill - 30 Jan 2008
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