LBT IRAF Packages

Some tasks which are useful to list, display and run a basic reduction while at the telescope have been incorporated into the packages LBTtools_and _LBTreduce. These have been installed under /home/lbcobs/iraf and /home/lbcobs/dthompson/iraf.

To start the package after logging in as lbcobs to one of the LBTO workstations:
  • cd /home/lbcobs/iraf
  • open an xgterm window: xgterm &
  • type cl in the xgterm.
Within the IRAF environment:
  • change directory to a working directory. This can be a directory which you create under /home/lbcobs to separate your work from others'. It is a good idea to create subdirectories for each night.
  • Load the mscred package
  • Edit the parameters for the LBTtools package: type epar LBTtools and specify the following which will set up the directory path and filename prefix so that for the LBTtools tasks you need only indicate the filename by the UT time in the format hhmmss.
    • camera;
    • UT date in the format yyyymmdd ;
    • path to the archived images; and
    • calibration data directory
  • Type LBTtools to load the package (or LBTreduce)
  • Run the task prepdir to set up subdirectories for storing the raw (RAWdata), dark-subtracted (DSdata) and flat fielded data (FFdata) and for the logs (LOGs) and other information (Misc)


The most commonly used tasks while observing are:
  • Alist Lists the last N images and the following sets of information (which can be toggled to print or hide): general image info [UTtime of image, object name, OB name, exposure time, filter, RA, DEC, Position Angle, Rotator Angle], mirror position, zernike coefficients and environmental info. Output can be redirected to a file.
  • qdisp qdisp hhmmss displays the image with time stamp hhmmss and prefix determined by the values for camera, UT date and path to archived images that were entered for the LBTtools (or LBTreduce) package, as discussed above.

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