SDT Observers' Tasks

A. Queue Planning

  • In the afternoon, draft tonight's observing plan, including back-up targets, and calibration plan based on conditions
  • Consider: group programs with similar configurations together to minimize calibration
  • Consider: for objects with total exposure time longer than one hour, obtain half of the data first for the PI to examine and provide feedback before completing the second half.
  • Post the observing plan on the SDT wiki page

B. Observing, Quality Assurance and Night Log

  • During the night, adjust exposure time based on real-time observing condition.
  • Move to bright targets when condition worsens
  • Keep a running observing log on the SDT wiki page
  • After each target, examine data quality. If observing conditions and S/N meet those required in the proposal, declare it done and update target list

C. Queue Management

  • At the end of the night, update the completed target table and the partner observing hour table on the SDT wiki page. Note that partner will only be shared time listed on the proposal, not the one that has been adjusted based on condition
  • send an email summarizing tonight's activity and observed targets to lucifer sdt mailing list
  • adjust queue target list based on progress and feedback from PIs

D. Training

  • Observers should note that during SDT, LBTO staff will be trained first
  • Since after SDT, during regular partner observing, partners will be responsible for checking and running observing scripts, SDT observers should pay special attention in learning how to check and optimize observing scripts

E. Documentation and Feedback

  • Post any observing tips, tricks, quick-looking tools and trouble-shooting procedures to the SDT wiki page; Information gathered there will be re-organized and incorporated to the LUCIFER page
  • Provide feedback on instrument and telescope to the team and LBTO

-- XiaohuiFan - 03 Dec 2009
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