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Start of the Night

  • Log into LBTO workstation using your partner account (INAF, LBTB, OSURC, AZ)
  • Start a firefox browser.
  • Type "lbccontrol" in the URL box and hit return. Click "Enter" which will open the LBC User Interface (UI) in another window.
  • Go to the Power Control page. Is HouseKeeping on (status "ready")? ("enabled" means only that it is ready to be turned on).
  • If not on already, turn on Housekeeping. When that is "ready", turn on "Other Systems". If it is cold (<0C) outside, first click "Warm Up" and leave that for 30 minutes before turning on "Other Systems".
  • Click "Connect LBT" to establish telescope-instrument communications.
  • Open an xterm and type "IIFGUI &" to bring up the IIF GUI display which will allow you to keep track of when commands to the mount & mirrors are completed.
  • Open another xterm and type "idl" to start an IDL session.
  • If automatic image display is desired, open an xterm and type "RB_Science" (or "Blue_Science" or "Red_Science", if only LBC Blue or LBC Red is to be used).
  • Go to the iraf directory; (usually ~/iraf)
  • Open an xgterm in the iraf directory. cl to start IRAF. epar LBTtools and change the date to the correct UT date. Load LBTtools.
  • Create a directory in /scratch with the UT date (ie 20130330). cd to the directory in your iraf session and run prepdir
  • Take a test bias /home/LBTO/Calib_OBs/BIASDARK/10Bias_Bino_Checkout.ob (can be run with dome lights on; just to check /newdata)
  • Take biases (lights off in dome, telescope stationary), skyflats if desired.
    • On the UI, click "Browse" to locate the OB.
    • Upload the OB (Click the downward pointing arrow. The OB name and basic information will appear to the right.)
    • Play the OB (Click the right-pointing arrow).
  • Collimate and co-point the telescope. Execute the observations in this order:
    • yourCoPoint.ob (Play the OB to slew. Stop the OB. You only need the preset)
    • dofpia, /X2, /first (the X2 doubles the exposure time to 32 seconds; first should ONLY be used at the beginning of the night)
    • yourCoPoint.ob (allow it to complete and take the in-focus images)
    • In IRAF load Observer.lbcrangebal. Epar lbcrangebal and enter the red and blue image taken by the CoPoint.ob script
    • run lbcrangebal on these images; follow the direction in IRAF; This corrects pointing (IE and CA) and co-pointing (moving SX). If using only LBC Blue or LBC Red, run, instead, LBTtools.LBC.ptautoadjust to adjust the pointing only
  • Load your science OB and observe!
  • Run dofpia and lbcrangebal ~30 minutes or as needed.

  • Choose a pointing star at high elevation from the list.
    • Browse for and upload the corresponding OB from /home/LBTO/RB_VV_PointingOBs/. OB names are of the form StarName.ob
    • Play the OB to slew. Stop the OB.
    • Focus/collimate (Run "dofpia" in the IDL window; dofpia, /first for the first one of the night).
    • Browse, reload the pointing star OB. Play it.
    • In IRAF, run LBTtools.Observe.lbcrangebal. This corrects pointing (IE and CA) and co-pointing (moving SX). If using only LBC Blue or LBC Red, run, instead, LBTtools.LBC.ptautoadjust to adjust the pointing only.
  • Slew to your first target.
    • Focus/collimate
    • Reload the OB and play it to obtain the science data.

During the Night

  • As a general rule, if you encounter an error: check the Log, run down/up "Other Systems".
  • Submit EoN, EoR reports from webforms on the Science Operations website

End of Night

  • Shutdown "Other Systems"
  • Disconnect from LBT
  • Leave HouseKeeping running, however switch the page to Power Control or OB Execution (any page but HouseKeeping).
  • Run allseeing on your data from iraf
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