How to check the duplicate pairs of masks in LUCIFER, June 2010

We are assessing the quality of cuts produced by the LBTO laser milling machine. This is done using LUCIFER to obtain through-slit images (for dimensional accuracy) and spectroscopic flatfields (for checking slit width variation). There is currently no script to facilitate this, but manual checks are reasonably efficient. The procedure is:

  • Insert Calibration Unit
  • Configure Mask A of pair into focal plane, H+clear filter, N3.75 camera, mirror
  • Take a lamp on/lamp off pair, Halo3 1x2.0 seconds
  • Configure 210_zJHK grating, 1.65um CWL
  • Take an lamp on/off pair, Halo1 1x20.0 seconds
  • Change to Mask B of the pair and repeat from second step above
  • When done:
    • Repeat on another pair if there is time, or
    • insert blind mask and filters, mirror, and N1.8 camera (shutdown config)
    • Retract the calibration unit

Note that you should monitor the temperatures in LUCIFER during this process on the webpage (MOS and MCE subpanels). Many rapid mask changes can heat up the MOS unit. Space out the tests as needed to minimize the heating impact, but at least gather complete sets of A/B data. Record the lucifer file numbers below. We must finish these tests before Saturday when the extra INAF masks will be put into LUCIFER.

Masks are identified in the LUCIFER UI menu with names starting with the usual "M" for masks cut in Germany and with a "D" for the duplicate masks that were cut here in Tucson.

NB10/NB22 MaskID#933436 luci.20100606. N3.75 H o2dcr/normal 1.65um/210_zJHK
  • M001 Img 0438-0437 Spec 0439-0440 (lamp on#-off#)
  • DM001 Img 0444-0443 Spec 0442-0441

-- DavidThompson - 08 Jun 2010
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