These are the steps to follow if you are using the scripts generated by lmsscriptgen written by Steven Allanson and Dave Thompson.

1. the script will automatically place the MOS mask in the turnout position, move telescope and wait until telescope is collimated.

2. Once telescope is collimated, the telescope is offset by +5",+5" and an image is taken. Once this is displayed in Skycat, press Copy to Bias in the Bias Image GUI. In the meantime the telescope is offset -5", -5" and another image is taken. This image must be saved manually. When displayed, press the subtract radio button in the Bias Image GUI

3. Manually place the mask in the fpu and press Commit Instrument Setup in the Instrument Control GUI.

[4. Once mask is in FPU press the Set new values in the Readout Manager GUI (so that DIT = 2 and NDIT =1).]

--If you leave the DIT and NDIT the same then you can use this through slit image to subtract the sky in the final through slit image--

5. Take image of mask; save it;

6. In the Telescope Control GUI press the MOS ACQU button. A GUI will popup, where you should set the "read lms" file (or something like that), after which you identify the third reference slit (from Right to Left).

7. Now, identify the alignment stars. For this, re-load the difference of the last direct image prior to placing the mask (i.e., with subtract set) and start the process of identifying the alignment stars. The Lucifer script will place boxes on the positions of the alignment stars.

8. Commit the transformation values, after which the script exits.

9. Take one final image through the slit and display with the original through-slit image subtracted.

7. run the spectroscopy script (xxxx.sci)

Christopher Willmer, Marie Rex, Emily McLinden

-- ChristopherWillmer - 13 Oct 2010
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