The LBTO will be carrying out engineering until 4:30 pm every day.

At 4:30 pm, have the staff darken the dome, and carry out the following tests.

1. Bias Frames
  • Insert the U filter, and take 25 bias frames.
  • Run mscstat in IRAF to check that the read noise in each CCD is what you expect. See the LBC IRAF cookbook for instructions.
  • Construct the median of the 25 biases, and display it. Compare to the medians from previous nights. Here is a screenshot for a typical bias:

2. Dark Frame
  • Take a 15 minute dark exposure, and display it.
  • The "light dagger" and other scattered light evident in images only appears when the shutter is open. So the dark frame will not show this, and should be dark.
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