Telescope Operator: Micheal
Support Astronomrt: Olga
Observer: Ian McGreer, Fuyan Bian
Instrument: MODS
Weather: Partially couldy

02:25: Standard star BD28 seeing varies from 1.0-1.5"

02:44 go to the first science target: bcfht_02, seeing is 1.3-1.6", there is some scatter light in the acquisition image. The seeing is bad, the qso can not well centroid with 30 seconds exposure, take 60 seconds exposure.

03:07 Start the science exposure, and the seeing is 1.2" The first one is good. r~22 magnitude

03:20 go to the second objects: bcfht_04, 10 minutes exposure, seeing is 1.5-1.9 can not see anything. r~23 magnitude take another exposure 1.3-1.5, can see some emission?

04:00 go to the third object dxs1_2. 3*15 minutes exposure, seeing is 1.0" or so. Signal is weak, do not see strong emissions.

05:00 go to the fourth one: dxs1_1. 3*15 minutes exposure, and seeing is 1.0" in the first frame and become better in the second one ~0.6-0.8", the signal is weak.

06:31 go to the fifth one: dxs1_3. 3*15 minutes exposure, and seeing is 1.0" in the first exposure, 1.0-1.5" in the second one, and 0.8" in the third one.

07:20 go to the sixth one:ccfht_01, 2*15 minutes exposure, and seeing is 0.8

08:14 go to the seventh one: dxs2_1, 2*15 minutes exposure, and seeing is 0.8

09:08 go to J0134-0111

-- FuyanBian - 21 Sep 2012
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