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Start Up

  • Log into LBTO workstation (obs2) using your partner account (INAF, LBTB, OSURC, AZ).
If you are already running Lucifer, you can iconify the desktop by clicking in the extreme upper right hand corner of the monitor.

  • Start a firefox browser. You may have to edit the "preferences" of the web browser icon.

Type "lbccontrol" in the URL box and hit return. Click "Enter" which will open the LBC User Interface (UI) in another window.

  • Go to the Power Control tab. Status for HouseKeeping and OtherSystems should be "enabled" if they are not open, but ready to be turned on, and "ready" if they are on.

If not on already, turn on Housekeeping. When that is "ready", turn on "Other Systems". Finally click "Connect LBT".

Note that you should not leave the HouseKeeping tab open. There is a software bug that begins to start opening pop-up windows. Go to 'OB Execution' or some other tab.

  • Open and xterm and type "IIFGUI &" to bring up the IIF GUI display which will allow you to keep track of when commands to the mount & mirrors are completed. To open an xterm, click in the background of the desktop. This is OPTIONAL, and in fact may cause problems. Do not use unless blackbelt and a little crazy.

  • Start an idl session Open another xterm and type "idl" to start an IDL session.

If automatic image display is desired, open two xterms and type "Red_Science" in one, and "Blue_Science" in the other.

Alternatively, make sure you have an alias to RB_Science in your .cshrc:

This script combines Red_Science and Blue_Science --- it displays the images as they arrive, one in each of two frames in a single ds9 window, so the observer can use imexam on both blue and red. If you could add a line there like

alias RB_Science ~lbcobs/supportscripts/ObserverSupport/

and then source your .cshrc file and type RB_Science in the idl window.

  • Take biases (lights off in dome, telescope stationary), skyflats if desired.

NOTE: If you want to look at biases, you must say Open -- Open Other -- Open IRAF Mosaic is the way to go. That was you can see all chips at once. DO NOT use Open Mosaic WCS. It will not work on biases. There must be keywords missing.

Notes on taking skyflats

Useful tip: 'Scale exptimes by:' lets you scale your flat fields as the sun sets or rises. Useful for getting the right number of counts in your flats. This resets to unity.

Set up on a target

  • On the UI, click "Browse" to locate the OB.

  • Upload the OB (Click the downward pointing arrow. The OB name and basic information will appear to the right.)

  • Play the OB (Click the right-pointing arrow). The telescope will start to slew to your first object. Count to 3 and then hit the square to stop the OB. The telescope will proceed to your target.

  • Check and correct pointing. We skipped this step.
Choose a pointing star at high elevation from the list. Browse for and upload the corresponding OB from /home/LBTO/RB_VVPointing/. OB names are of the form StarName.ob

  • Play the OB to slew. Stop the OB.

  • Focus/collimate (Run "dofpia" in the IDL window): dofpia,/first if this is the first collimation

dofpia,/first,/x2 if you want to double the exposure time.

if you're close to well collimated, just type dofpia

  • Browse, reload the pointing star OB. Play it.

In IRAF, run LBTtools.LBC.ptautoadjust on the Red image. This reads and corrects IE and CA.

Adjust co-pointing if desired.

Having corrected pointing, run the pointing star OB again.

Analyze the images with mirradjust. Ask the OSA to enter the output RX and RY offsets, dRX and dRY, as tip/tilt values, where tip = dRX and tilt = -dRY. Note the signs!!

Slew to your first target and observe.

  • Focus/collimate

  • Reload the OB and play it to obtain the science data.

Other Important information

* Using the OB generation GUI during the night. You will want this if you want to edit your OBs or create them during your night. The OB generation GUI is at: /home/lbcobs/. And then type in: java -jar GUI.jar as usual.

* The web site describing how to generate OBs is here:

* The LBC archive is here:
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