April 30, 2011 LUCI-1

Data in /data/luci/20110430 and /data/luci/20110501

Observers: Jill Bechtold, Olga Kuhn, Ian McGreer, LInhua Jiang, Wiphu Rujo.

TO: Steven Allason

Tour group during the day, lots of lights and people in the dome.

Restarted LUCI instrument control. Can't move calibration unit -- java error. Olga is on the engineering gui, to fix it.

Arcs and flats

sdss1038.arcs.txt files 235-

sdss1038.flat.txt files

jiang002_flat.txt files 243-254

some persistence. Running clear2.txt

Lots of haze. Fires in Mexico.

changed to 20110501

did a couple of darks to check that they are in newdata

Open dome 6:30pm

7pm. Start sky flats, waiting for sky to get dark.

Ks Flat Start at file 012

Some of these have a star -- will take a few more

H flat Start at file 45 20 files

J flat Start at file 63, 20 files

7:25pm. Off to pointing star near SDSS1038+48

7:29pm. Starting collimation, still too bright out.

7:40pm. Preset sdss1038.H.txt, but can't see guide star, too bright still

7:48pm. Preset sdss1038.H.txt Starting with files 83.

Seeing 1.8" - 2.2" blech.

8:15pm. Seeing blowing up.

doing another set of H imaging.

more.H.txt starting with file 93

DIMM agrees with guider. The poor seeing is the atmosphere.

8:38pm Lost guide star, seeing 3-4" with one exposure to go.

Trying sdss1038.slit2.acq.txt to see if we can see the guide star

brighter guide star, so going to acquire

9:55pm started sdss1038.spec.txt

starting file 106. ending file 120

seeing 1.2-3.5"

10:20 pm started Rujo scripts on GN25

Barely see g*

10:32 execute GN25 Sci. 3" seeing. Barely see guide*. May have active optic correction issue.

10:50 aborted GN25 and attempt GN26 instead

wierd scattered light

11:10 wind picking up. 15+ m/s

11:35pm. Giving up. Off to try sdss1420 J imaging

bright guide star, 2-3" seeing. Seeing at MMT is ~2" and at KPNO 4m too. IMACS is down.

start file 138-end file 147


12:22am sdss1420.spec.txt first file 153-167

1:45am off to telluric standard

1:55am. Start telluric files 171 -172

2am. Off to Wiphu's GN26 with wider slit at Halpha

first science image -- 177 2:15am

3:40am. McGreer imaging for J1440+6101 (2-3'' seeing)

Darks at end of night
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