May 27, 2014

UT May 28

Observers: Zheng Cai, Yuguang Chen.

We shared night with LBTB on May 28(UT). In the afternoon, LBTB told us that they have to observe in the first 1/3.

Time (MST):

10:50- 11:20 Changing LUCI to MODS, telescope collimation, change configuration files, etc.

11:20 Slew to Cai's target, and acquisition.

11:30- 12:40 Finish 3x 20min exposure, partially cloudy, seeing varies from 0.8- 1.6'', with median of 1.3''.

12:40- 1:00 Observer agreed to put configuration file to the telescope. The configuration file tells telescope the science wavelength of 4030A, and guider wavelength of 6210A, which can minimize the effect of atmosphere refraction at 4000A.

1:00- 2:35 3x30min exposure, partially cloudy, seeing from 0.8-1.1''.

2:35 - 3:40: LBTB MODS run.

Comments: In the afternoon, LBTB agreed to hand over the telescope at 10:35pm. However, they spent too much time taking telluric star at the end of their 1/3 night,

and delayed about 15min. Thus, AZ also delayed to hand over LBTB for about 10min in the end of second 1/3 night.

From 11:20- 2:30, only about 3-hr, and changing MODS to LUCI takes 30min in total. The observers decided not to change instrument to LUCI for tonight.

Edited by Zheng Cai

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