Conditions at 18:30: clear, humidity 75%, dew point to high to open

Seeing 1"

18:52 moving to C165 waiting for collimation

18:57 started science exposure on C165

19:17 moving to C103 seeing 1.2"

19:30 thin clouds

19:42 moving to MS0451b1

19:50 collimation is really bad, going to higher elevation. This is because the guide star was too close from the lower edge of the patrol field.

20:00 went back to MS0451b1 but the guide star is still causing problems.

21:22 done with MS0451b1. Need to recollimate on a bright star at higher elevation.

21:35 moving to MS0451b2, seeing 1.0-1.2" on the collimation star

23:10 seeing gradually increases to 2" + thin cirrus

23:29 moving to CSWA15

23:40 moving to CSWA31

23:49 moving to CSWA13

00:08 moving to CSWA104

00:21 moving to CSWA11

00:30 done -- BenjaminClement - 28 Jan 2014
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