Day: not windy, clear

Morningg: bias and slitless flats are taken

3:35pm: Taking Arcs for each masks including longslit mask.

6:25pm: wind: 7m/s. humidity:45%, seeing=0.7"-0.8"

6:36pm: slew to mods.42

6:45pm: seeing 0.9"

~~~~~~~~~ struggling with alignment... redo acq. Notes: PA calculation value agrees with the script and our mesurement but wrong sign. We gave it a try with the mesurement, but it resulted in shift in wrong side. We manually shifted the PA and retrying modsalign. We had to triy acqMODS from beginning again. The script measurement was still wrong in sign: -0.59 while it had to be 0.59. We manually typed in the 0.59"*2 and took the image with slit mask on. image 10 finally looked good. tiny bit off, but better than yesterday. Stars are in the slit clearly. Well, It took 10 images for acq and alighment. Dave Thompson send out report to Rick Pogge to let him know about this problem.

7:16pm: Finally first exposure.

We wtill have the same problem with secondary, so they need to work on it after my first field is done. ~~~~

7:30pm: seeing 1", wind=13m/s, humidity: 31% 8:10pm: seeing 0.9"

-- Kim, Bagley, Mauerhan- 26 Jan 2012
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