PartnerObserving Log for 2007 Feb 26/27

Observer: John Hill, Emiliano Diolaiti
Inst. Support: John Hill
TO: Ed Lundin

Mixed in with some engineering activities, we have finished the astrometric calibration frames for the M67 data taken earlier in the week. We took this calibration now before we made any baffling changes to the camera. Note that archive will have data with user=common and data with user=lbtsdt. I've tried to keep them straight as much as my oxygen starved brain will allow.

21:30 Open after some red alignment work upstairs. T=-3degC, D=-8degC, Wind 5m/sec from SW, Photometric, Seeing 0.9 arcsec.

Everything working, so apparently the SDT bad karma has dissipated. Plenty of moonlight.

21:54 to 22:01 WF

22:05 WDs_M67_CAL3

22:30 to 22:33 WF

22:35 WDs_M67_CAL2


23:46 Ballextra and Ballextra180 for engineering purposes.

15 biases

00:33 WDs_M67_short_BV (Those were out of focus.)

00:50 to 00:56 WF

00:58 Ballextra and Ballextra180 for engineering purposes.

01:04 WDs_M67_short_BV

01:13 Move to Coma star cluster 12:25.1 +26:11

01:16 to 01:24 WF

01:25 Ballextra and Ballextra180 for engineering purposes. El=76.8 deg

01:30 RXglobal = +20 arcsec (rotation of primary around X axis)

01:31 to 01:40 WF adjust Z7=+2000 in several iterations (translates mirror Y=+0.8 mm)

01:41 Ballextra and Ballextra180 for engineering purposes. El=79.7

01:48 B5sec exposure(s) Seeing ~1.5 arcsec

02:00 Close for exhaustion. This second shift observing is hard.

-- JohnHill - 27 Feb 2007
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