PartnerObserving Log for 2007 Feb 25/26

Observer: John Hill, Emiliano Diolaiti
Inst. Support: John Hill
TO: Ed Lundin

Mixed in with some engineering activities, we are attempting to finish up some astrometric calibration frames for the M67 data taken earlier in the week. We are trying to get this calibration now before we make any baffling changes to the camera. Note that archive will have data with user=common and data with user=lbtsdt. I've tried to keep them straight as much as my oxygen starved brain will allow.

18:00 MST Open looking east before sunset. Sky is quite clear with an occasional puff of cirrus. T=-1.7 degC Dew=-15degC. Wind from SW

18:10 Pinhole images with high S/N taken of twilight sky. 2 sec exposures with Rot=0 and Rot=90.

SDT: 5 bias frames and a few V flats

19:07 Turn off/turn on camera to cure RPC error with trackers.

Clear Active Optics, but astigmatism gain still zero.

19:19 - 19:33 Bfastextra, but seeing not very good.

19:37 V 5 sec exposure

20:00 Move to M67 for astrometric calibration data.

20:04 - 20:12 Bfastextra for WF 20:20 Telescope stops tracking (Issue #511), Mirror fails to focus, LBC UI hangs (Issue #180). (Must be residual bad karma from SDT observers!)
Note that data such as 034340 are interesting because they show image trails with azimuth tracking and elevation stopped. This allows to examine the correlated and uncorrelated image motion across the field. SMT wind speed has gusts up to 16 m/sec during this period (75% of our closing limit).

Tom S. gives us new MCSPU code to widen the limits on encoder checking. If the encoders are really losing counts, this could explain why telescope was tracking poorly earlier in the week.

John H. fixes LBCFPIA code to apply Z11 limits with the proper sign.

21:52 Bfastextra for WF. Sent focus correction manually since bad seeing ruining the Z11 correction.

21:59 start WDs_M67_CAL1, but seeing is rotten at ~3 arcsec

22:22 Bfastextra for WF

22:29 start WDs_M67_CAL2

23:05 Close for high wind (gusting to 22 m/sec). Right shutter door gets overvoltage alarm while closing.

-- JohnHill - 26 Feb 2007
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