08:30 pm, try the target J2346, but not found even though the guide star R=12 mag, because of the thick cloud.

08:50 pm, turn to try the telluric star of J2327, we found it but it can not be observed because of the target is too low.

09:00 pm, turn to try the target J0124, the guide star with R = 10.7 is found but the target with J=16.7 can not be found.

01:09 am, the cloud become thinner. Turn to acq Richard's target PG0950+0139. The airmass is between 1.2 and 1.32. The target is successfully observed. The total exposure time

02:18 am, turn to wenwen's backup target J0825, we observed it in K band for 20 mins. 03:00 am, turn to the telluric star, we observe it in J, K band.

04:40 am, turn to observe J0900. The observed 2 spectra has very weak signal, because of the bad seeing (~2.5'', as the telescope is facing the wind). The airmass is between 1.06.

05:00 am, turn to observe J1023, the seeing is 1''. We observe it in both J and K bands.

07:00 am, we take the flats, darks.

-- XiaohuiFan - 26 Dec 2012
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