Observer: R. Green, F. Bian, B. Frye, W. Zuo

K and J filter flats right after the sunset.

01:00 go to the UDS field 923317, some troubles on collimations of the telescope, use a new lookup table for secondary collimation. and 01:25 the first preset was sent to the telescope. There is some thin clouds in the sky. The guidestar is too faint due to the moon and thin clouds, then we try the UDS field 933758, the guidestar is still too faint for this one. Then go to wenwen's backup target J2327 in K band. The guide star is still faint in this condition. We found a bright (12th magnitude) stars in the field and that works. After two 5 min exposures (33,34), tick clouds are coming and we have to close the telescope.

03:45 We are back on the sky for J2327. 11*5 min exposure on J2327.

05:20 sky is getting clear and go back to UDS field 933758 (the guide star is a little brighter), Thin clouds are passing. change the grating 3*15 min exposures are taken. The shield temperature is increasing.

07:10 go to G145, and we lost the guide star because the clouds. We close the telescope.

10:20 reopen the telescope and go to K-band imaging of G145 14*2 min exposure, and 20*2 min exposure K-band imaging of G80.2+49

-- FuyanBian - 24 Dec 2012
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