Observers: Linhua Jiang, Dan Stark, Benjamin Clement

start luci.

8 pm: slew to z~9 candidate, and do acquisition.

8:50 pm: start observing z~9 candidate (seeing ~0.7-1.0"; very windy). Finished two 15 min exposures

9:20 pm: various issues with wind in SW. cannot continue observing z~9 candidate. Move to Benjamin's Abell 2261 cluster target in north. Must check wind speed.

9:40 pm: acquisition of Abell 2261, slow because of poor seeing

10:22pm: begin integration Abell 2261 (1.2 +/- 0.2 arcsec seeing, some cloud but getting better)

12:00am: achieving good data on A2261, see some traces, confirming acquisition

1:33am: A2261 is reaching zenith, still guiding

1:45am: abort exposure as we reach zenith, wind is an issue now. must re-acquire.

2:00am: cannot re-acquire, as winds are too strong toward Benjamin's target

2:30am: switching to SDSS lensed galaxy backup program

2:45am: change gratings

2:55am: begin acquisition of cassowary 28, z=2 lensed galaxy. blind offset from 15th mag star.

3:15am: give up on acquisition in favor of getting standard star for Benjamin's target.

3:20am: begin work on Benjamin's standard stars

4:00am: issues with scripts, putting stars manually in slits

4:27am: standard stars finished, attempt flat for Benjamin's object ...

am: done.

-- XiaohuiFan - 23 May 2012
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