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PartnerObserving Log for 2007 Apr 23/24

Observers: A. Grazian, R. Gredel.

Night Assistant:

Telescope Operator: D. Gonzales

Snow storm. Then high wind blows away the clouds and humidity (95 percent) starts decreasing.

21:30 Humidity is below 80 percent. We can open the dome and start observations. Clear sky. Probably the night is photometric. Amazing.

21:35 Turn on LBC control. Temperature and pressure of dewar are OK.

21:46 Start sequence of 25 bias to warm up (CCDs and observers!)

first bias image lbcb.20070424.044812.fits

last bias image lbcb.20070424.050107.fits

22:22 Last technical checks. Resetting the telescope encoders. Dome opened.

22:23 Preset on Trilling field and do image analysis there.

22:37 Start observations.

OB3020a.ob lbcb.20070424.053805.fits seeing=1.4arcsec

OB3020b.ob lbcb.20070424.053926.fits

LBC interface hangs up.

OB3021a.ob lbcb.20070424.054816.fits

OB3021b.ob lbcb.20070424.054930.fits

OB3022a.ob lbcb.20070424.055646.fits

OB3022b.ob lbcb.20070424.055803.fits

OB3023a.ob lbcb.20070424.060428.fits

Image analysis

OB3023b.ob lbcb.20070424.061211.fits seeing=1.4

OB3024a.ob lbcb.20070424.061828.fits

OB3024b.ob lbcb.20070424.061950.fits seeing=1.6

23:25 Preset to photometric standard.

SA104_UB.ob lbcb.20070424.062807.fits till lbcb.20070424.063259.fits

SA104_Vgr.ob lbcb.20070424.063436.fits till lbcb.20070424.063751.fits

23:39 Preset to Trilling field and do image analysis.

OB3030a.ob lbcb.20070424.064514.fits

OB3030b.ob lbcb.20070424.064638.fits guiding failed seeing=1.2

OB3031a.ob lbcb.20070424.065318.fits

OB3031b.ob lbcb.20070424.065435.fits

OB3032a.ob lbcb.20070424.070140.fits

OB3032b.ob lbcb.20070424.070313.fits

OB3033a.ob lbcb.20070424.071001.fits

OB3033b.ob lbcb.20070424.071117.fits

Lost connection with TCS. Interface hangs.NGC_2683_V_photo

OB3034a.ob lbcb.20070424.072518.fits taken during failure of LBC interface

OB3034a.ob lbcb.20070424.072617.fits taken during failure of LBC interface

OB3034a.ob lbcb.20070424.072743.fits

OB3034b.ob lbcb.20070424.072905.fits

00:34 Preset to Quasar Point6. Image analysis.

00:49 sdt_fan1_U_6.ob

lbcb.20070424.075130.fits till lbcb.20070424.081516.fits

01:23 Preset to NGC4826 Zaritzky IA

01:31 NGC_4826_V lbcb.20070424.083316.fits till lbcb.20070424.090833.fits

02:15 Preset to NGC5585. Image analysis.

02:27 NGC_5585_V.ob lbcb.20070424.092822.fits till lbcb.20070424.100128.fits

03:09 Preset to photometric standard PG1633.

PG1633_UB.ob lbcb.20070424.101402.fits till lbcb.20070424.101929.fits

PG1633_Vgr lbcb.20070424.102250.fits till lbcb.20070424.102608.fits

03:31 Preset to NGC5585. Do image analysis in the U band.

03:48 NGC_5585_U.ob lbcb.20070424.104844.fits till lbcb.20070424.112159.fits seeing=1.5arcsec

04:25 SA110_UB.ob lbcb.20070424.113132.fits till lbcb.20070424.113650.fits

SA110_Vgr.ob lbcb.20070424.113820.fits till lbcb.20070424.114134.fits

04:42 Preset the telescope to take sky flats.

SkyFlatR_5.ob lbcb.20070424.114930.fits till lbcb.20070424.115300.fits

SkyFlatR_5.ob lbcb.20070424.115500.fits till lbcb.20070424.115852.fits

SkyFlatRrot180_5.ob lbcb.20070424.120143.fits till lbcb.20070424.120452.fits

SkyFlatV_5.ob lbcb.20070424.120847.fits till lbcb.20070424.121011.fits saturated

SkyFlatV_5.ob lbcb.20070424.121155.fits till lbcb.20070424.121553.fits

SkyFlatUspec_5.ob lbcb.20070424.121920.fits till lbcb.20070424.122148.fits

05:22 Close the Dome. End of the night.

05:23 Dark frame of 900s lbcb.20070424.122331.fits

-- JohnHill - 24 Apr 2007 (Andrea Grazian as JH)

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