PartnerObserving Log for 2007 May 22/23 MST

Observers: J. Hill
Telescope Operator: A. Ceranski
Instrument: LBC-Blue

Peter is gone. Moon is first quarter. John is observing remotely to see if we can get one last data point on GRB070518.

10 biases.

06:15 UT - Open dome. Mostly clear, but not photometric. Some local wisps of cloud with humidty 87%.

06:29 - Focussing at 16:30 +55. LBCFPIA having problems fitting the big puffy pupils. Switch from Vfastextra to Rfastextra but it didn't help much. Finally sorted out the coma with eyeball active optics.

07:09 - Starting GRB070518. Guide star FWHM fluctuating between 1.2 and 2.0 arcsec in the first 200 sec. No wonder focussing was so hard. Humidity fluttering near 95%. Seeing improving (fog stabilizing the air?), but we closed for humidity at the end of dither 3. Unfortunately, I pressed the STOP button while dither 3 was still reading out, and the exposure was thrown away -- so we only got dithers 1 and 2. (sorry about that!)

07:20 -- Close dome. I believe that this was the first remote science observing with LBT. Although the engineers and software folks have been running this way for a long time.

This is the end of the May SDT observing. See you in June.

-- JohnHill - 23 May 2007
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