Night starting 23 Jan 2014 UT

Conditions : partly cloudy at sunset then mostly clear throughout the night

18:51 standard star G191B2B avg seeing 1.5"

19:02 seeing 2"

19:11 done with the std, moving to Fuyan's target J0134

19:16 starting acquisition, avg seeing 1.7"

19:25 starting science exposure 1200s, avg seeing 1.7"

20:09 starting third sci exposure 1200s, avg seeing 1.9"

20:39 acquisition on second target QSO0100

20:56 collimation issues (28min downtime)

21:00 resume acquisition on QSO0100, seeing is 1.8"

21:10 starting science exposure 1200sec, dimm ~1.36" guider ~1.8"

... pointing was off because a wrong guide star was selected in the guider fov

22:00 moving to Greg's target macs0455 for imaging

... mirror panicked, had to redo the collimation (18min lost)

22:21 just started the imaging script (preset, guide star acquisition) seeing is ~1.5"

22:25 start first exposure 600sec seing is 1.35", dimm ~1.22"

obtained 6x600=3600sec in g and 5x600=3000sec in i seeing 1.5"-2"

23:44 moving to Greg's second target C16559 for imaging

23:49 started science exposure seeing ~1.4"

obtained 4x600=2400sec in blue and red

00:36 moving to C39326

00:47 started science exposure seeing ~2", some clouds

obtained 4x600 in blue and red

1:35 moving to A851b (long-slit)

1:47 started science exposure 1800sec seeing is 1.3"

2:52 starting MOS alignment on A851

3:05 started one exposure 1800sec, seeing ~1.4"

3:38 done with Greg's observations, moving to SN in M82 using Fuyan's time

3:49 started taking science exposures: 3x300sec

4:30 started science exposure on J1427 5x1200sec seeing 1.4"

6:20 acquisition on standard star feige67

6:42 done with the std, end of night

6:55 taking calibration

-- BenjaminClement - 23 Jan 2014
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