Observer: Peter Buschkamp

Telescope Operator: David Gonzalez

What got observed:

1. Flats in U-spec (0 and 180deg)

2. Flats in R-sloan (0 and 180deg)

3. Flats in B-bessel (0 and 180deg)

4. Standard 104 (Vgr and UB)

5. GRB070419a, Seeing was 0.9-1.0arcsec

6. M92_shortR_F1, 1.1-1.2arcse

7. M92_deepR_F1, 1.1-1.2arcsec

8. M92_shortR_F2, ca 1.0arcsec

9. M92_deepR_F2_1, ca. 1.0arcsec

10. M92_deepR_F2_2, 1.1-1.2arcsec

11. Lockman VLA U5, seeing was too bad (ca 1.6arcsec)

12. Lockman VLA U6, seeing and airmass too bad. aborted after the first exposure

13. M92_deepR_F2_3, 1.1-1.2arcsec

14. M92_deepR_F2_4, 1.0arcsec

15. Nonino RXJ1616_Class_B7, 1.2arcsec

16. Pasquali NGC6946_V, 1.3-1.4arcsec

17. Pasquali NGC6946_B, 1.2-1.3arcsec

18. Standard SA110 (Vgr and UB)

19. Flats in V (0 and 180deg)

20. Flats in G (0 and 180deg)

21. Flats in B (0deg)

...then the night was over.

No technical problems. A smooth ride.

-- PeterBuschkamp - 22 May 2007
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