PI: N. Smith

Observer: W. Fong, J. Andrews

beginning of night lost to problem with adaptive secondary. Lost ~1 hr---

04:15 UT: TO opens

04:30 UT: Slew to first target NGC4559OT for imaging.

04:50 UT: Acquire target for spectroscopy. airmass 1.6, seeing~1.1".

05:30 UT: Slew to 2nd target NGC5775OT for imaging. airmass~1.3, seeing~0.9".

06:00 UT: Interrupted by LUCI AO commissioning.

10:10 UT: Telescope turned back over to observers.

10:17 UT: Slew to 3rd target SN2011iw for spectroscopy.

10:35 UT: On-source for SN2011iw. airmass~1.046, seeing~0.73"

11:35 UT: Closed at 8 degree twilight.

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