2016 July 06

Second half night: McGreer / MODS1

07:20 switch from LBCs (Jansen) to MODS1

07:35 switch complete, move to standard field for wavefront

07:50 standard BD+33

08:03 move to first science target dcls161328, longslit acquisition

08:10 begin science exposures on dcls161328. seeing ~1.1-1.2" from guider. Occasional light cirrus.

08:25 first image -- target is very close to bottom edge of center slit... but okay.

08:50 move to dcs213304.

09:05 begin science exposures. seeing 1.0" improving to 0.8".

09:58 move to dcls220000

10:08 begin science exposures. seeing 1.0".

11:20 finish science exposures. going to feige110

11:27 spectrum for feige110

11:30 all done for the night.

-- %USERSIG{EiichiEgami - 2016-07-07}%


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