15 June 2009 UT Tech Night 1

Observers: O. Kuhn (mtn)
Operator: W. Wack
Instrument Support: J. Morris

Weather: some clouds around, not photometric. RH low, ~30% but wind speed is high, ~20 mps, above the limit to open.

19:30 Setting up LBC. Logged in to lbtmu42 as LBTO. I could not run the LBC UI from a firefox from lbtmu42 or lbtmu43. I logged into lbtmu06 from lbtmu42 and launched firefox/LBC UI this way.

19:45 Launching an OB to take 25 biases. None of the r-SLOAN biases has the registration problem, however the red biases do show pickup noise.

20:45 Wind speed dropped and we are opening.

20:55 Going to a field at ~70 deg elevation to focus/collimate.

20:57 Lots of messages in the IDL window upon running dofpia for the first time tonight (from lbtmu42). Most look like status or notes, but one seems to be an error (the lines: "Incorrect Line" and a few down "lbcpfia_read_cfg,errorcode=0" -- or is 0 a good thing?) JMH: 0 is a good thing in this case. I had the /dbg flag turned on to verify that the configuration file was being read.

 Name = RedZ22Slope, Value = 230.0
Name = RedZ22Gain, Value = 0.7
REM Z22 Zeros were updated by JMH on 13-June-2009.
Incorrect line: 

REM See comments in calcabcoeffs.pro for an explanation
REM of these parameters.
Name = BadSeeingLimit, Value = 2.0
Name = LargeHoleLimit, Value = 0.25
Name = SmallHoleLimit, Value = 1.5
Name = SmallHoleSph, Value = 500.
% Compiled module: TOS.
lbcfpia_read_cfg, errcode is 0
Sending       500.000nm Sph3 (Z11) to RED channel

Also, the fastextra OB was not loaded...

21:10 Called John because I could not run dofpia: from lbtmu42, the fastextra OB was never loaded and from lbtmu06 'dofpia' was not a recognized command. From lbtmu06, after I ran setup.csh to set environment variables, dofpia ran.

21:20 No - dofpia is not running, because no corrections are being sent to the telescope. LBTCONF_PATH environment variable not set. Needed to type:
setenv LBTCONF_PATH /lbt/tcs/current.centos5/etc/lbt.conf
lbtmu06 needs to have this all set up in its cshrc file.

21:45 dofpia finished. Launched a superfoc/RB_rV_LongCoarse superfoc sequence. 8 exposures with delta Z = 0.08mm, starting at -0.4 (Blue, V-BESSEL) and -0.26 (Red, r-SLOAN). V-Best focus is -0.00338mm fwhm=5.29 and r- best focus is 0.0844 fwhm=5.13. BlueZ22Zero = 2.30 and RedZ22Zero = 2.05; Z22Gain = 0.7 for both blue and red.

* <~22:00* Took a pair of extra/intra focal pupils while figuring out Z22Zero.
/Repository/lbcb.20090615.045546.fits[1]        -0.850
/Repository/lbcb.20090615.045637.fits[1]        0.750
/Repository/lbcr.20090615.045521.fits[1]        -0.770
/Repository/lbcr.20090615.045606.fits[1]        0.830

22:00 I copied the lbcfpia.cfg file to lbcfpia.cfg.15junstart and edited the lbcfpia.cfg file to change the value of BlueZ22Zero from 2.30 to 2.00. Run dofpia and LongCourse superfoc again... LC is 051042 and 051015.

22:27 I looked at the last V-BESSEL sequence: 051042...051520, but do not see any evidence of core/halo that pointed to residual spherical in very good seeing. starfoc -> best focus (V) = -0.0176 with FWHM=4.62. Seeing improving but still > 1" (1.06"). r-SLOAN best focus = 0.0855 with FWHM=4.22 (0.97").

22:38(05:38UT) dofpia again and LongCoarse - with same parameter sets. Seems like seeing is not good enough to see the core/halo, but it may be sufficient for determining best-focus since we need these values for all red filters. If not, going to pointing. Well - this time V best-focus = 4.5e-4 FWHM=4.10 and r best-focus = 0.1161 FWHM=4.24. V is very consistent - r not so much.

05:52 checking pointing. Going to WT10_281. Focus/Collim and then observe and correct pointing. We had been off by about 95" in elevation. Rebalancing after change in configuration?

06:13 Going to check focus for red filters. dofpia took 5 iterations - long time. Note Z22Zero is 2.0, 2.05 for blue/red. rV superfoc: r = 0.05 fwhm=3.48 - at lower limit but decent 1/2 parabola. V=0.0039 fwhm=3.61 but this fit is not so good.

06:45 Repeat rV superfoc sequence (edited to center r at 0.08) after dofpia...064539/064542...
r 0.087 3.33 R5
V -0.08 3.98 (sign of spherical?) B5
i 0.009 3.19 (near lower limit) i2
g 0.044 3.82 g2

07:05 Examining V coarse focus sequence: 065653...070129. See negative sph in first and pos sph in last image. With 2.05 as the z22zero for both Blue and Red. The Red r-SLOAN sequence shows the opposite trend - from pos sph to neg sph. Edit Blue Z22Zero = 1.55 (from 2.05).

07:09 Z22Zero Blue = 1.55, Red=2.05 dofpia with this config. Blue sequence shows similar trend as before... Going back to 2.05 and determining focus offsets.

~07:30 best focus at i-SLOAN 0.0316 fwhm=3.30; g-SLOAN 0.0151 fwhm=4.33; V -0.0305 fwhm=4.39 and r-SLOAN = 0.0793 fwhm=3.27. Then 2nd g (g4) = 0.0176 fwhm=4.35 and 2nd i (i4) 0.045 fwhm=3.28 (not a very good fit -"w").

10:35 Have been continuing with focus offsets for the night. Seem to be converging on these values for Red filters: r-SLOAN ~ 0.085, R-BESSEL = 0.045, i-SLOAN = 0.045, I-BESSEL = -0.015, z = -0.01, Y-FAN = 0.0, F972 = 0.17 but there is some scatter still. V (Red) has only 1 measurement so far tonight, 0.16. Right mirror fails to focus error box comes up almost every move. See issuetrak #2223 - DX HP#2 not moving?

10:35 Taking ig coarse focus again

11:30 Closing. I noticed late that the first two steps of the focus sequence were taken at the same mirror position - re-opened issuetrak #2214. I can re-reduce the sequences without the first point to see if that reduces scatter.

-- OlgaKuhn - 15 Jun 2009
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