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Parasitic LBC-Red PartnerObserving in Parallel to IRTC LFBG for 12 June 2009 UT

LBC Observer: J. Hill (Tucson)
IRTC Observers: D. Thompson, M. Pedani (mtn)
Telescope Operator: D. Gonzalez Huerta


First ever, parallel observing with LBC-Red parasitic to the Left instrument. Maybe we crashed PCS once because of this. Uncovered a bug in DOFPIA that stopped us from making much progress on the Z22 zeropoint.

Details (times in UT)

07:30 IRTC guys have opened now that the wind has calmed. So I start parasitic observing.

Set Ki to 0.003 on DX Primary Mirror ventilation PID.

07:35 dofpia, /redonly - had initial problem with commands rejected because camera wasn't on. Have much more coma than last night when we had 1 arcsec images without focussing. dofpia applied about +200 Z22.

07:55 coarse rV superfoc, but telescope error stopped tracking.

08:01 dofpia, /redonly - telescope offsets made some fake astigmatism. Now we are removing Z22.

lbcr.20090612.081247.fits has the split image error.

08:18 coarse rV superfoc 081859 -

08:23 coarse rV superfoc 082346 -

08:27 changed RedZ22Zero from 2.55 to 2.05 in lbcfpia.cfg. (Guessing at the sign of the correction since a missing MATLAB license is stopping me from making force plots.)

08:28 dofpia, /redonly - The first image didn't change Z22, causing me to wonder if the file I changed is being read. (In hindsight, I'm not sure if I stopped and restarted IDL here.)

08:38 added /dbg to the read_cfg call in (and restarted IDL)

08:40 dofpia, /redonly - 084049

08:43 coarse rV superfoc 084303 -

08:47 coarse rV superfoc 084724

My impression is that this was the correct direction, but not far enough. It's hard to tell in this 0.8 arcsec seeing.

08:50 Changed RedZ22Zero to 1.05

08:52 dofpia, /redonly 085215 - (This moved Z22 by -62 in two iterations.)

08:56 coarse rV superfoc 085650 - (This is better, and perhaps overshot the correction.)

09:00 coarse rv superfoc 090015 -

09:03 Changed RedZ22Zero to 1.55

09:04 dofpia, /redonly 090430 -

09:13 Changed RedZ22Zero to -1.55 for check

09:18 print RedZ22Zero in

Apparently it is only using the default value of all the configuration parameters. Sent an email to Baru.

It turned out that dofpia was getting the configuration parameters, but all the lbcfpia calls in were missing the cfg=cfg parameter. So the configuration parameters weren't getting passed into the computing machinery.

-- JohnHill - 12 Jun 2009
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