PartnerObserving Log for 2007 Apr 19/20

Observers: A. Grazian, R. Gredel.

Night Assistant: D. Thompson, J. Hill

Telescope Operator: A. Ceranski

17:59 Turn on House Keeping Turn on Blue Channel

18:03 System ready. Temperature and pressure are OK.

18:04 start with 25 bias frames lbcb.20070420.010541.fits first bias frame lbcb.20070420.011905.fits last bias frame

18:20 Dark frame of 900s lbcb.20070420.012034.fits

The sky is clear, no clouds, probably photometric. Still the wind is strong, but probably we are going to open the dome within 15-20 minutes.

19:01 Dome fails to open. Still waiting...

19:08 Start with a test flat-sky image in Uspec filter. lbcb.20070420.021118.fits

19:13 Begin with SkyFlatUspec_5.ob lbcb.20070420.021346.fits till lbcb.20070420.021620.fits

19:18 SkyFlatUspecrot180_5.ob lbcb.20070420.021851.fits till lbcb.20070420.022135.fits

19:25 SkyFlatR_5.ob lbcb.20070420.022504.fits till lbcb.20070420.022917.fits

19:30 SkyFlatRrot180_5.ob lbcb.20070420.023143.fits till lbcb.20070420.023712.fits

19:39 Slew the telescope to M67 to make a test on the Red Channel alignment. 20 minutes of eyeball active optics yields Red Electrim images of 1.6 arcsec!

20:03 Preset to SA98 and do the focus

20:11 SA98_UB.ob lbcb.20070420.031249.fits till lbcb.20070420.031735.fits

20:19 SA98_Vgr.ob lbcb.20070420.032035.fits till lbcb.20070420.032348.fits

20:25 Preset to COSMOS field. Focus in Uspec filter.

20:37 Start cosmos_SDTUspec_1a.ob to test the new version of the guiding program in an empty field. lbcb.20070420.033800.fits till lbcb.20070420.040554.fits

lbcb.20070420.033800.fits seeing=1.1arcsec The new guiding program seems to work fine in Uspec for this field.

lbcb.20070420.035158.fits seeing=1.2arcsec.

lbcb.20070420.035848.fits failed to find a guide star. CHECK WITH LBC PEOPLE FOR POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS elongated stars!!! DO NOT USE IT

lbcb.20070420.040554.fits found a guiding star. seeing=1.0arcsec

21:12 Wind speed decreased!!! Focus in Uspec filter and then test the new guiding software in cosmos_SDTUspec_2a.ob lbcb.20070420.041819.fits till lbcb.20070420.044554.fits seeing=1.0arcsec

lbcb.20070420.043852.fits failed to find a guide star. CHECK WITH LBC PEOPLE FOR POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS I looked at the technical chip and there's no object in the field. A software solution cannot be found at this stage.

21:52 Focus in Uspec. cosmos_SDTUspec_3a.ob lbcb.20070420.050043.fits till lbcb.20070420.052813.fits seeing=1.0arcsec

22:50 Preset to NGC3368. Focus.

22:57 NGC_3368_U_photo.ob lbcb.20070420.055818.fits

23:02 NGC_3368_V_photo.ob lbcb.20070420.060245.fits

LBC Interface frozen. (lbckill and lbcstart). Lost ~15 minutes to LBC Interface, and lost another 15 minutes because Firefox is locked out similar to Issue 127-- reboot lbtmu03.

23:55 grb070412.ob lbcb.20070420.065634.fits coma is very high. Redo image analysis.

00:17 grb070412.ob lbcb.20070420.071751.fits till lbcb.20070420.073417.fits seeing=0.9arcsec

00:39 Standard stars at the middle of the night. PG1323_UB.ob lbcb.20070420.074438.fits Filter wheel stops. Scan Filters. We must Turn Off and on LBC control. Lost ~15 minutes.

00:57 PG1323_UB.ob lbcb.20070420.075740.fits till lbcb.20070420.080237.fits

01:03 PG1323_Vgr.ob lbcb.20070420.080422.fits till lbcb.20070420.080737.fits

01:09 Preset to M81. Focus with M81extrafoc2.ob and then KochanekM81V.ob lbcb.20070420.081622.fits till lbcb.20070420.082114.fits

01:35 Preset to NGC4826. Image analysis.

01:42 NGC_4826_U_photo.ob lbcb.20070420.084359.fits NGC_4826_V_photo.ob lbcb.20070420.084858.fits

01:56 Preset to NGC4244. Image analysis.

02:00 NGC_4244_U_photo.ob lbcb.20070420.090100.fits

02:09 LBC Control System quit down without apparent motivations. restart Housekeeping and LBCB again. Lost ~15 minutes. Similar to Issue #298.

02:14 Preset to NGC4244, Focus in V band. NGC_4244_V_photo.ob lbcb.20070420.091859.fits seeing=0.97

02:32 Preset to Quasar6. Image analysis with Uspec filter. sdt_fan1_U_6.ob lbcb.20070420.094225.fits till lbcb.20070420.094819.fits Sequence aborted. Redo image analysis.

03:04 sdt_fan1_U_6.ob lbcb.20070420.100607 till lbcb.20070420.102914.fits seeing=1.5-1.8arcsec; wind is strong again. TO BE DONE AGAIN!!

03:38 Preset to Dwarf/mpobj1. Focus. mpobj1_1_g.ob lbcb.20070420.104556.fits till lbcb.20070420.110326.fits last two images have seeing=1.2arcsec.

04:10 Focus in R filter. mpobj1_1_r.ob lbcb.20070420.111457.fits till lbcb.20070420.113350.fits seeing=1.2-1.5

04:41 Sunrise is nearby. Go to photometric standard fields. SA107_UB.ob lbcb.20070420.114421.fits till lbcb.20070420.114838.fits

04:51 SA107_Vgr.ob lbcb.20070420.115153.fits till lbcb.20070420.115507.fits

04:58 Start exploring Sky Flats.

SkyFlatG_5.ob lbcb.20070420.120342.fits till lbcb.20070420.120653.fits

SkyFlatGrot180_5.ob lbcb.20070420.120900.fits till lbcb.20070420.121151.fits

SkyFlatUspec_5.ob lbcb.20070420.121827.fits till lbcb.20070420.122111.fits

05:22 Close the Dome. End of the night.

Total Shutter Open Time was 14455 seconds!

-- JohnHill - 19 Apr 2007 (Andrea Grazian as JH, and JH himself)
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