Observers: Linhua Jiang, Emily McLinden

5:00 pm: start to take some darks.

7:24 pm: slew to Emily's obj2.

7:51 pm: takes 20 min to get it collimated.

8:08 pm: acquisition finished, start science observing (good seeing 0.7" and clear sky).

8:40 pm: obj2 finished; slew to Emily's obj3.

8:57 pm: finish acquisition; start to observe obj3 (seeing 0.8").

10:38 pm: finish obj3; very wind, check wind speed by pointing telescope to right direction.

10:47 pm: wind speed below limit; take calibration for obj3.

10:53 pm: slew to Dan's target.

11:23 pm: finish acquisition, start to take science image (seeing 0.7").

12:09 am: stop observing; windy with thin clouds now, have to check windy speed again; got 3 images so far, clearly see four bright objects in the slit, meaning pointing is very good.

12:24 am: we're ok, slew to Dan's target.

12:42 am: finish acquisition, observe science object, seeing 0.8"

1:30 am: seeing 0.9"-1.0".

2:30 am: stop at airmass=1.8; and take flats.

2:50 am: slew to SDF and do acquisition.

3:19 am: finish acquisition, and start to observe SDF (seeing ~0.8"), passing thin clouds.

3:30 am: seeing getting worse ~1.1".

4:21 am: finish 3 images. start to take calibration (flats + tell.).

5:00 am: done.

-- XiaohuiFan - 19 Apr 2012
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