Apr 16

7:30 starting collimation, wind West ~10-15m/s, clear

7:35 starting telluric HIP35050 for MOS in J-band with 210_zJHK. Waiting for collimation. Facing the wind.

7:50 taking spectra of telluric, seeing~1.2" at airmass 1.56

7:58 moving to second telluric HIP53735 (for A611 and A851), long-slit in zJ and H.

8:00 going to a pointing star

8:05 sending the preset again

8:15 seeing ~0.9-1"

8:27 moving to science field A611

8:28 starting long-slit acq

8:42 starting science on A611

10:50 Moving to MACSJ1115.

11:00 Acquiring MACSJ1115.

11:13 Starting integration on MACSJ1115 (zJ, longslit).

11:34 Switching between Greg in remote room and Benjamin in control room

11:50 start acq on M1206

00:02 staring science on M1206 (J, mos)

01:43 moving to J1414

01:49 starting acq on J1414, seeing ~0.9"

02:15 starting science on J1414 (J, mos), seeing ~0.9"

02:47 seeing starts to increase a bit, to 1.1"

03:18 seeing 0.75"

04:54 seeing 0.6"

05:23 stop integrating on J1414 seeing ~0.8-1"

05:25 moving to telluric using J1414 mask

05:26 couldn't find the guide star, the AGw has suddently gone blind

06:00 couldn't not take the telluric because the AGw was having a problem (not resolved at this time)

-- %USERSIG{GregoryLeeWalth - 2014-04-17}%


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