Apr 15 (UT)

Observer: Wen-fai Fong

02:25 UT -- 8 deg twilight

1.5 hr of time lost due to clouds

03:55 UT -- Open telescope, 0.8-1.2" seeing

04:22 UT -- telescope closed due to clouds [1 hr]

05:25 UT -- telescope re-open

06:45 UT -- thin clouds, high winds, difficult to guide

07:30 UT -- clouds have passed. 1.0" seeing. Have to avoid the SW due to high winds in that direction.

09:04 UT -- telescope closed due to high winds [1.5 hr]

10:30 UT -- telescope re-open

total of ~4 hr of telescope closures. Had to avoid Southwestern portion of sky for 2nd half of night due to high winds.

Observing log goes here.

-- %USERSIG{Wen-fai Fong - 2015-04-14}%


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