April 14

7:00 Clear sky.

7:35 Moving to telluric star HIP53735. Decent seeing 0.8-0.9".

7:45 Start taking H- and K-band telluric star spectra.

7:55 Moving to CLJ1226.

8:30 Starting to integrate H-band spectra for CLJ1226. Seeing is decent (~0.9"), but the guide star bounces around. Strong sky background in the guide field due to the bright moon. WFS failed at times.

9:34 Starting to integrate K-band spectra for CLJ1226. Seeing~0.9". The guider field looks darker now.

10:19 Starting to integreate K-band spectra for CLJ1226 with a different PA. Seeing improved to ~0.7-0.9".

10:42 Handing the telescope over to Olga et al. for lunar eclipse observation.

Total lunar eclipse

2:05 Starting LUCI observing again. Going to Dan's J1414. Collimating on a nearby star.

2:20 Running preset for J1414. Seeing ~0.8"-0.9".

2:27 Start acquiring J1414.

2:48 Start integrating J-band spectra. Seeing ~0.7".

4:55 Moving to telluric star HIP92548.

5:20 Guider failed to require the star after a 1-2" offset. Started taking spectar without guiding, but guiding was resumed after another offset. -> However, the star was probably slightly off the slit. This guider problem seems quite persistent though intermittent (thought to be a hardware problem).

5:31 Retaking telluric star spectra after putting it back into a slit. Sky is very becoming very bright. Barely guiding.

5:35 Taking the last telluric star exposure.

- End of night -

-- %USERSIG{Eiichi Egami - 2014-04-14}%


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