UT date May 14 2013. Observer: F Bian, J Teske.

Support Astronomer: M. Edwards

Telescope Operator: Steve A

Condition: some clouds around the horizon. No photometric

12:43AM 25 zeros bino mode.

02:20 sunset, start to take flats, the flat OBs made by mkflats script do not right. Have to log into LBTO account to use the mkflats under LBTO account to make right flat OB. Finally, only can do BV flats.

03:07 Michelle saw some strange status of LBC in the log, she start to reboot the LBC to make sure everything is fine.

03:35 Start to collimate the telescope. There are not many bright stars in the field to collimate telescope, we choose a bright star field to collimate the telescope. (WT10_385.ob)

04:05 Start Science exposure, gi, ry, seeing is 0.6-0.8. the red side out of collimation, rerun the collimation in the WT10_385 field and do UNB. seeing is 0.6 in F975 filter and 0.87 in U_spec the 3rd image there is no guide star in the technique chip of the red camera, but the image looks good. seeing is good and stable. Go on UNB_2

05:30 Switch to Transit objects. Clouds are coming and can not see any stars.

08:30 The sky is getting clear, switch to MODS, and move to bootes field, mask id 514725. seeing is 1.1-1.3 and there are some passing thin clouds. The guide star is at the edge of the guide patrol field. There is vignetting, have to change to another fainter guide star. Collimate the telescope. go back to scientific target, and seeing is 1.11. The box 3 is very near the border of the CCD, and modsAlign try to detect the edge of the CCD as the box edge which makes the center of the box wrong. The condition is not good. There are passing thin clouds.

-- FuyanBian - 14 May 2013
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