March 13, 2011

Observers: J. Bechtold, D. Thompson, F. Bian, L. Jiang

Cloudy all afternoon

6:50pm. Sun has set. Completely overcast.

7:05pm Started two 15 minute darks for Linhua. luci.20110313.0001 and .0002

8:30pm Opened. Heavy clouds. Seeing 1.5-2" Executing 3c220.acq.txt but conditions not good enough to observe.

Acquired target again. Cloudy and seeing 1.2"

10:15pm. (UT5:15) Started 3c220.spec.txt Very cloudy

We're taking data but it's extremely cloudy

11:45pm Off to try Ian's Lens executing J0946_1835_specacq.txt

12 midnight. Started J0946+1835_spec.txt put offset of +x=0.4 manually after first exposure to get quasar better centered in slit. seeing 0.72" cloudy

we see quasar continuum, but where's Mg II?

12:15am seeing 1.2" to 0.7". Jumpy

12:35am Started another J0946+1835_spec.txt seeing 0.77" still cloudy

facing into the wind. gusts to 14 m/s. obvious wind shake seen in guider.

1:05am Started another J0946+1835_spec.txt seeing 0.9" still cloudy

1:40am Started another J0946+1835_spec.txt seeing 0.9" STILL cloudy. Linhua went to sleep!

2:10am J0946+1835.arcs.txt

2:20am J0946+1835.flat.txt

2:20am J0946+1835_tell.acq.txt

2:35am J0946+1835_tell.spec.txt

2:40am sdss1343.slit1.acq.txt

3:05am sdss1343.spec.txt seeing 0.8" a bit clearer HALPHA!!!! Cool!

3:45am seeing 0.6"

4:25am started to take lamps. sdss1343.arcs.txt had to edit slit id

4:35am sdss1343.arcs.txt

4:45am sdss1343.flat.txt

4:50am sdss1343_tell_slit1.acq.txt

4:55am sdss1343_tell.spec.txt saturated

5:03am sdss1343_tell.spec.txt still saturated

5:05am sdss1343_tell.spec.txt STILL saturated

5:20am sdss1343_tell.spec.txt defocused

5:25am sdss1343.K.txt guider seeing is .66" Twilight at end.

Last exposure lost the guide star, is trailed.

Close dome at 6:05am, start darks.
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