PartnerObserving Log for 2007 Mar 13/14

Observers: Rick Pogge, Peter Garnavich
Inst. Support: John Hill
TO: Ed Lundin

UTC Mar 13 2100: LBC shutter is still unreponsive. Fernando is helping from Italy. Weather is clear and beautiful

All subsequent times are UTC 2007 March 14

0107 - Still working on the shutter. John verified that the 5v trigger signal is not reaching the shutter controller box. He has the cable and is checking continuity. Let's hope it is a broken wire in the cable and not in the controller proper. That would be bad...

0147 - Badness. Tests confirmed that there is no 5v trigger pulse coming out of the camera controller proper at the connector. Continuity on the cable was good. We are now trying to scare up schematics of the camera controller so we can find out where the pulse is generated. Not good.

And the sky at sunset is beautiful...

0200 - Had a phone conversation w/Fernando. He is directing us to a very low-level program on the Windows PC that can be used to try to set the shutter trigger bit directly. We're now getting pretty deep into the system. That can't be good.

0400 - Tests using the PC computers in the treehouse and guidance from Fernando was not fruitful. The low-level test program gave the same result: the shutter does not move. John is now dismounting it from the telescope and bringing it to the lab where there is a PC and supposedly enough gear to operate the camera in the lab, an easier place to work than on the telescope.

Summary - Barring a miracle, the camera is effectively dead and won't be back until tomorrow at the earliest. I'll forward options to the SDT team once I know them better.

Morning Update (9am March 14):

The problem has been isolated as a bad inverter driver chip on the CCD controller clock board. The board is being driven back to Tucson for electronics techs to install a new inverter chip. If all goes well it should be back on the mountain this afternoon.

-- RichardPogge - 13 Mar 2007
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