PartnerObserving Log for 2007 May 12/13 MST

Technical Observers: J. Hill, (A. DiPaola, R. Speziali)
Telescope Operator: E. Lundin
Instrument: LBC-Blue

Waiting for clouds to clear. Took 10 minute darks with shutter open to check the new fibers. First one had 10000 counts -- where did this light come from? Ed verified that the dome was dark. Second one had only a few 10s of counts and no obvious structure. So we conclude that the new fibers are OK. The test should be repeated to make sure that the few 10s of counts are not leaking down from the connector at the CCD controller.

Times in UT

5:42 TO station froze, so we switched Ed to running on lbtmu05. Clouds make it a relaxed activity. We can't get PMCR to start.

Starting LBC......somehow this TO-station issue left the LBC connection to IIF dead. How? When I pressed "Disconnect LBT" I got a "disconnection error" at 7:14 UT. When I pressed "Disconnect LBT" again, the LBC program crashed = reverts to "enabled" state. The following power up worked as Andrea described in his new fast restart routine, and I was running the camera again at 07:17:30. At least 2 minutes were saved!

Opened dome around midnight as the clouds thin.

5 biases

focussing on meridian

08:04 - Rfastextra at Hercules

08:08 - Herc_R - Images fluctuate from 1.0 to 1.6 arcsec. Manually adjusted Z4=-100 nm during dither 1.

The Herc_R OB had the wrong filter specified. It says SDT_R, the the actual filter is "r-SLOAN". But, when I read it into the OB GUI, the GUI reports it as "r-SLOAN". I've surrendered and edited the Herc_R.ob file with emacs.

08:42 - Vfastextra at Dwarf/UrsaMinor

08:47 - Umi1_B - Guide star for dither 1 seems to be a galaxy, and images are not especially round, although they are ~1.1 arcsec.

09:05 - Umi1_2_B - Guide star for dither 1 is the same galaxy. Seeing is making strange triangular guide stars in dither 3. ?? Focus had drifted at the end.

09:23 - Vfastextra

09:27 - Umi_V - Sky is clearing up. Guider reporting a steady 1.5 arcsec, but first 300 sec image is 1.2 arcsec at airmass 1.3.

09:52 - Vfastextra (astigmatism seems to be oscillating at the +-500 nm level)

09:57 - Umi2_V - Seeing in dither 2 improves to ~1 arcsec. But guidestar in dither 3 puffs above 3 arcsec.

10:26 - Vfastextra at MarkA

10:30 - MarkA_UB (this does not imply that the sky is photometric, but it isn't too bad in the SE) These are rastered photometric fields for Vincenzo to measure the vignetting across the field.

10:56 - MarkA_VGR

11:29 - SkyFlatTestR

11:30 - SkyFlatR_5 x15 - Apparently these flat are through thin clouds, so probably not useful.

11:35 - SkyFlatR_5 x10 - For sure clouds.........seems to be a cap cloud building over High Peak.

Close at 11:45 UT T=9degC. D=-2degC. Wind 4m/sec from south.

25 bias

-- JohnHill - 13 May 2007
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