-- Main. Dan, Zheng - 11 Dec 2012

6:25pm, start acquisition on Fuyan's lens, seeing is ~0.9'', earlier condition is not suitable for twilight flat.

6:30pm, start exposure on Fuyan's lens, exposure time is 20min, average seeing is 0.9-1.0''. LUCI temp rising.

7:00pm, we change to MOS mode, go to zenith to bring the LUCI temperature down.

7:10pm, we move to UDS and do acquisition.

7:40pm, we start exposure on UDS after the acquisition, seeing is 0.8-0.9''

9:00pm, seeing is 0.8''

9:55pm, seeing increasing to 1.2''

10:30pm, seeing back to 0.8-1.0''

11:15pm, LUCI temperature problem comes again, seeing is ~1.2''

12:10am, we done with UDS exposure for tonight. The telescope is going to other position to try to let the LUCI instrument cooling down. Seeing right now is ~1.5'', we decide to go to Wenwen's target after LUCI cooling down.

12:55am, we move to J0844.

1:10am, we start K-band exposure after the acquisition on J0844.

1:20am, seeing variable, 1.5-2''

1:50am, changing Linhua's target z7p7, seeing is ~1''

2:05am, we start exposure on z7p7 after acquisition, seeing is 0.85''

2:40am, seeing is 0.85'', stable.

3:10am, seeing is 0.9-1.0''

3:40am, seeing is ~0.9-1.0''

4:10am, seeing is 1.2''

4:40am, seeing is 0.9-1.0''

5:10am, seeing is 0.9-1.0''

5:40am, seeing is 0.7''

5:45am, stop exposure on z7p7.

start doing terlluric stars for Linhua, Greg, Wenwen; sky flat for Fuyan, Dome flat for Dan, Linhua, Wenwen, and Dark for all the program
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