June 10

* 20:13 (before twilight ends) start taking acquisition image on M1115 (long slit, zJ), clear, seeing 0.7"

* 20:33 starting science on M1115

* 21:05 done with science on M1115 (4x10min=40min exptime), clear, seeing 0.7"-0.8"

set rotator angle at 300 then move the mask in the cabinet before slewing to next target

* 21:25 start taking acquisition image on M1311 (mos, zJ)

* 21:52 starting science on M1311, seeing is now >1

* 23:25 done with science on M1311 (6*900sec=1h30 exptime), seeing was varying from 1" to 1.5".

set rotator angle at 300 then move the mask in the cabinet before slewing to next target

* 23:40 start taking acquisition image on M1720 (mos, K)

- guide probe failed while doing offsets, have to wait (~2min) to timeout

- it kept failing so we changed guide star, then it worked

- high noise in the top right channel prevents us to locate the 3rd reference hole, stars are visible in the boxes so we decide to align the mask manually

* 00:10 done with the mask alignment, however timing is bad since the target is now about to transit at elevation ~87deg : LUCI cannot set the central wavelength

* 00:39 Once the target is below ~85deg elevation, we are able to commit the instrument setup and start science.

- seeing starts at 0.6" but rapidly degrades to 1" and above. Some passing cirrus affect transparency.

- guide probe failed several times while doing dither offsets, script aborted and relauched.

- seeing varying between 1" and 1.3".

* 02:20 start noticing higher noise in several channels, affected data are lost. The noise actually started appearing at ~1am (frame #48) and was getting worse.

* 03:03 stop science on M1720 (total 2h of integration time but many slits are useless).

The issue is not solved after resetting the ROE and flushing the detector

* 04:08 -12deg twilight, we call it a night

-- BenjaminClement - 2014-06-11
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