April 9, 2014

19:36 Telluric acquisition, HIP61534

19:50 HIP61534 HK spec

20:09 CLJ1226 acquisition

20:21 CLJ1226 start HK spec, 1.0" seeing, non-photometric, patchy clouds

20:40 mirror panic, only one exposure completed, second one aborted

20:49 CLJ1226 acquisition try #2

21:02 CLJ1226 start HK spec, 0.7" seeing, clouds!

21:35 guide probe problem!

22:05 Trying imaging script, codex52909.J, since there is issue with guide probe, problem acquiring, clouds too thick, 12th mag guide star not visible

22:58 Clouds thinning, trying imaging script again, codex52909.J

23:06 Guide probe problem again

23:15 Trying script again, not using crazy guide star, seems to fail randomly on the guide probe

23:42 more guide probe problems, guide star is almost in the middle of the patrol field, 0.63" seeing

0:09 Starting CSWA17_Ks, scripts fails with guide probe

0:28 Trying CSWA17_Ks_crazy, we had a problem with the guide star too close to the edge, seems to be a problem with the AGW.

1:57 Still on CSWA17_Ks, clouds, power cycled wavefront sensing/agw, might have fixed guide probe error?

2:18 Started CSWA13_Ks, seeing stars, might be clearing slightly, 0.7" seeing

2:46 Guide probe failure, letting script run

3:38 Still clouds, continuing to run backup imaging scripts.

4:16 Lost guide star to clouds.

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