PartnerObserving Log for 2007 Oct 05-06

Observers: J. Hill, V. Testa
Instrument Support: R. Bertram
Telescope Operator: A. Ceranski

First images in 2007106 are the end of the 50 sec U dome flat test exposures in the afternoon. These go through image 005256.

25 bias starting 005649 and running through 011018.

01:10 - Open Dome! Mostly clear with a few scattered clouds around the edges. T=7degC, D=4degC. Wind 9 m/sec from SW.


011945 - SkyflatTest Uspec, 1 sec gives 17000 counts

012255 thru 012606 - SkyFlat Uspec, 3 sec, PA=0 ROT=22
012808 thru 013130 - SkyFlat Uspec, 6 sec, PA=180 ROT=-153, last frame has 13000 counts

013249 - SkyFlatTest V, 1 sec gives 600 counts

013414 thru -13726 - SkyFlat V-BESSEL, 8 sec, PA=180 ROT=-150, last frame has 17000 counts, many stars in this field

Pointing, Focus and Collimation

014045 - Vfastextra, still too bright to see the pupils

01:45 V1sec on pointing star 18:47:40 -09:29 (in the Milky Way, so who knows where the pointing star is?)

01:48 - SX Mirror panics (we re-enabled an actuator during a slew). Still having problems with LSS so no events. Mirror panics a second time during the raise. Lost ~half hour to mirror problems with actuator 140.

During the mirror problems, all of TCS ground to a slow crawl. Restarting the whole thing didn't help. Eventually we figured out that LSS was causing the slowness. In the meantime, MCS and MCSPU had gotten tangled up with RPC errors. Why does MCS depend on CSQ? This turned out to be caused by LSS overflowing its event table. See issues #841 and #843. Lost about half an hour of sky time to this issue before the weather saved us. Solved the issue about an hour later.

Closed dome around 02:20 because of rising humidity. Fortunately ECS could close the shutters even when it was slow.

CCD tests with dome flats

060850 - started another set of 50 sec U dome flats to test camera. We took another 100 images without CCD controller errors or shutter problems.

Fog, and later wind kept us closed for the remainder of the night.

-- JohnHill - 06 Oct 2007
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