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Welcome to the Operators web

This wiki page includes procedures, diagnostics and troubleshooting information used by Observatory Support Associates (OSAs) at the Large Binocular Telescope Observatory.

LBTO Picture of the Day Archive

Operations and Weather

Checklist for the Start/End of the Night

Communication Loss Decision Tree for Mountain Assistant OSA arrowbleft

Weather Guidelines for Opening Enclosure

Using the Particle Monitor Telemetry

Condensation on Mirrors

Starting Weather Display & All-Sky Camera; Setting Up the ENV Display in Control Room

Telescope Control System (TCS)

TCS Operating Procedures (renamed from TCS Startup Procedures)

TCS Full shutdown and startup procedure

Restarting IRS on the IRS server

Adaptive Optics System (AOS)

Adaptive Secondary Instructions for seeing-limited operation

AOS - The Complete Guide (481f301d - March 2012)

Enclosure Control System (ECS)

Enclosure Control Description (309m001d - July 2004)

Enclosure Rotation Controller - User Manual (483s513a - March 2009)

Guiding Control System (GCS)

Running GCS from the command line

Running AGw Stages via Engineering Interface

The AzCam Computers

Instrument Interface and Command Sequencer (IIF)

Instrument Interface Subsystem Software User's Manual (T481s00264)

C++ Instrument Interface Control Document (T481s00011)


Lucifer Startup Procedure

DIMM Operating Procedure and Manuals

Mount Alignment Telescope

MODS Support Utilities - housekeeping, moving slit mask and AGW

LBC Troubleshooting



Resetting mount Encoders procedure

Moving Swing Arms procedure (used when changing instrument configuration)

Restarting the telescope after a power interruption

MCSPU Full Restart procedure (rebooting Jet)

MCSPU Manual (483s199h - January 2013)

Mirror Ventilation

Mirror Ventilation (MV) Operating Guidlines

Manual Control of Mirror Ventilation Defrosting

Optical Support System (OSS)

Running OSS

Hexapod Power Instructions (641a191a - September 2012)

Pointing Control System (PCS)

Running PCS from the command line

Non-sidereal Instrument User's Manual (481s704d - June 2012)

Point Spread Function (PSF)

Running PSF

Escaping from Primary Mirror Collimation Limits

PSF Subsystem User's Manual (T481s00062)

By Eye Active Optics

Active Optics Modes

Primary Mirror Cells (PMC)

PMC Software User's Manual (481s042q - June 2014)

PMC Software Reference Manual (481s041r - June 2014)

PMC Thermal System Description (481s045a - July 2006)

Other Procedures

How to Mirror a Remote Observers' Desktop

IDL Collimation Procedure for LUCI1/AGW3

Manually Power Cycling an AGW unit

Sending Presets in IRAF with LBTtoolsIRTC

Calculating Time To Limits

Using the Pointing Tool

Using the Night Report Tool

Using the LBC FPIA Log Monitor

Using the By-Eye Active Optics Tool

Telescope Metrology System Notes

Mountain read-only copy of the LBT wiki

New Stuff

Raise Primary Mirrors / Recover from Mirror Panic

Mountain Backup Power Switching

Shift Logs

Operators Web Utilities

MountainProcedures (for Handling) - not up to date

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