Starting Up Weather Display and All-Sky Camera

See also Software/WeatherStationSoftware

  • On an obs workstation as user telescope type:
  or    vncviewer weatherstation-pc     (password: pvnc)
  • Or go to the KVM in rack 4 in the computer room A.
    Make sure you are on the weather PC and not the env PC, by tapping 'CTRL' twice to bring up the KVM menu.
  • If a login is required, use weather .
  • Close the current Weather Station and open a new one with the Weather Display from the 'LBT Weather' Desktop icon.
  • Make sure only a single instance of the SBIG program is running on the weather PC. If there are multiple instances, shut down all SBIG programs and restart them from the Desktop icon.
  • In the SBIG program, go to Setup > Com Port... This should be set to COM3 at 115200 57600 baud. click 'Test' to test the connection
More details on the baud rate discussed in IT7735. It is currently limited by the existing extenders (of which we have a spare), and newer ones we ordered that will accomodate the 115200 baud rate, but not expected to make much improvement of 1min lag reports.
  • If successful, in the main SBIG window click 'Start Capture'. It will take a while to get a new image (several minutes).

Troubleshooting All-Sky Connection
  • Check the serial port connection for proper seating on the back of the weather PC.
  • The device is on the roof of the VATT. Somebody should make sure it is still plugged in and the serial cord is also connected to the LIU downstairs. There is a converter that converts from serial to fiber.

Remotely Viewing the WEATHERSTATION GUI

To remotely view the WEATHERSTATION GUI:
  • ssh to one of the observation computers (obs1, obs2, obs3) as user telescope:
    • ssh -X telescope@obs1
  • enter:
    • vncviewer weatherstation-pc

Rearranging the Big Displays

Note that the WEATHERSTATION GUI is typically displayed on the IP above, but can be displayed on any of the big displays on the wall. To see which one it's on, check the script listed for each station here:
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