Using The Time-To-Limits Script

Note that a more improved version is now incorporated in the Night Report tool: Time-to-limits values displayed on the Log tab, and plots can be rendered in the Plots tab.

Current version is 13... A work in progress.

This script calculates times to AZ, EL, and Rotator physical limits. Currently, the rotator values work for LUCIFER (@LFBG), MODS (@LDG), and IRTC (@RFBG), and future iterations will work for other instruments (LBC half works, it just leaves a blank rotator section). A Gnuplot window is generated which displays the AZ, EL, rotator angle for the current RA/DEC/PA (queried from the Data Dictionary) from sunrise to sunset. Airmass is also plotted. Vertical lines are displayed and labeled at notable times. Note that AZ and rotator angles can have 2 possible values when 90>angle>270. This script has 2 modes. Infinite loop mode, which would refresh the gnuplot window every 60 seconds, or Nloop mode, where the user can choose how many iterations desired.

This script currently executes from Steve Allanson's scratch directory on obs1:
  • ssh into obs1 (with X support!) if you're not currently there.
  • cd /scratch/sallanson/limits

To run the script in an infinite loop:
  • type perl INSTRUMENT where INSTRUMENT is one of LUCIFER, IRTC, MODS
  • type CTRL+C to quit at any time.

To run the script N times:
  • type perl N INSTRUMENT where N is the number of iterations you desire.
    • N=1 is a good choice... The reason this option exists is because the gnuplot window steals window focus from whatever window you're working on. This can get annoying when typing something. I am currently working on trying to fix this. Also, the gnuplot window will populate on the current workspace you are looking at. If you switch workspaces, it will populate on that one. I am also trying to figure out how to force this onto a specific workspace.

-- SteveAllanson - 13 Oct 2010
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