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TMS Notes (Telescope Metrology System)

To check the TMS laser state

From: Andrew Rakich
Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2017 10:18:46 AM
Subject: MultiLine laser

As some will be aware we have up until now been careful to turn off the big blue button powering the laser on the Multiline unit in the Aux Control room, 
whenever anyone was doing anything day or night that was sensitive to stray light.

Two days ago (20171017) we confirmed that when the laser is disconnected in software there is no detectable light coming through the fibres, 
so from now on we wish to leave the laser running permanently.

If anyone is unsure about the current state of the laser there are two ways to check: 

1) call Andrew Rakich on +1 626 3659915.

2) On the monitor on front of the unit the Multiline software will be open with "laser disconnected" showing as below...

As a further note, the Multiline laser is a class one eyesafe laser operating in 1532 +/- 70 nm.

Normal exit from the measuring state to disconnect lasers

On obs2:
  • Cntrl-C any python/perl measurement scripts
On the Multiline unit in the doghouse:
  • Click the "Stop" button to stop the multiline measurements
  • Click the "Save" button to save the data
  • Click the "Disconnect" button to disconnect the laser
(This still keeps the lasers powered on for stability purposes.)
(There is no need to push the Blue Power button.)

-- %USERSIG{JohnHill - 2017-12-05}%

Verifying lasers are disconnected

On the Multiline unit in the doghouse: (see attached image)
  • Check the LEDs on the front of the Multiline and verify "Connected" LED is not lit
  • Also verify alignment lasers are not on by verifying the LED around the Alignment button is not lit (alignment lasers are only used when adjusting colimators)
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