J. M. Hill, version E, 16 February 2010

When things really go bad in the land of MCSPU, it may be necessary to reboot jet. Here's the sequence of activities to get MCSPU running again. Operators should have already called for help before executing this procedure.

Reboot jet

soft reboot from the command line

(login to jet)
ssh telescope@jet

or press the reset button

or power cycle jet if all else fails

Reload the FPGA code

  • when mcstemp and gotemp are not running
  • This is only needed when you have powered off jet.

fpga load

This Dan Cox command executes a series of commands like this to reload the FPGA code for AZ, EL and Rotators.

/usr/local/dsp21ksf/bin/bitldr fpga0 -d1 -f ~dashby/lbt/mcs/top-archive/top-v110.bit
/usr/local/dsp21ksf/bin/bitldr fpga0 -d3 -f ~dashby/lbt/mcs/top-archive/top-v110.bit
/usr/local/dsp21ksf/bin/bitldr fpga0 -d 9 -f ~danc/reef_1brd_top.bit

Start the RPC server on jet

rpcconfig start

Start the MCSPU program "mcstemp" and the display program


Now you are back on the air, unless the encoders got zeroed at the same time..........they did get zeroed if you did "fpga load".

Jet console

There is a serial console plugged into jet -- to access it use "telnet 10001".
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