Checklist for Telescope Systems that need to be Reset after a Power Outage

This is the first cut at a list of what needs to be reset to recover from a power outage or power glitch during observing. This procedure assumes that the outage is short and the computers are still alive on UPS power. This procedure assumes that line and/or generator power have been restored.

Close Dome

Evaluate weather conditions and time to sunrise, and decide whether closing the shutter doors needs to be your first priority.

Reset MCR and Drive Power for Telescope Mount

  • Go to Left Doghouse
  • Press the MCR (Master Control Relay) reset button
  • Press and hold the green button to restore main axis drive power

At this point, all the interlocks for telescope and building should have been cleared. You should be able to restart HBS and move the telescope.


In case the previous step was not sufficient to get HBS running again, go to the HBS PLC on Level 4:

  • Press "Pilz Reset" button
  • Change PLC control (not to be confused with Pump Selection) from Remote to Local
  • Press the "Clear Alarm" button a few times, until it stays cleared.
  • Change PLC control back to Remote

Restart MCSPU Software

Sometimes the power glitch will disrupt communications between MCSPU (Jet) and the various PLCs. In that case, the first thing to try is stopping and restarting the MCSPU software on Jet:

  • Stop the MCSPU software with stopall
  • Verify the stop with ps ax | grep mcstemp on jet
  • Restart the MCSPU software with ./gotemp

More extreme measures may require rebooting the individual PLCs.

Reset MCRs for Rotators, DYN, and Swing Arms

After moving telescope to zenith, go to the upper right treehouse, and reset:

  • 3-4 MCRs for the Instrument Rotators
  • 2 reset buttons for Dynamic Balance
  • 1 reset button for swing arm control

Restart Air Compressors for Primary Mirror Cells

They will first likely need to be restarted at the unit on level 4. Then nn the ECSGUI, on the Air Compressor page, press "ENABLE" for each of the two mirror support air compressors.

Verify Chiller and Instrument Cooling are running


Restart Leibert System for Computer Room Cooling

On level 1, in the room at the end of the hall of the offices. Stop/start the VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) located on the wall. Verify on the Leibert unit that flow has been restored, clear the alarm.

Verify That the Utility Chiller is Enabled/Running

On 3L, Check the Climatec computer > MGIO Chiller. Check for any errors.

Restart Utility Chiller Fans In the Utility Building

Drive over to the utility building. On level 2, start all VFDs (hit the HAND button). Verify they startup. While you're there, Verify the chiller is happy.

-- JohnHill - 26 Apr 2010
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