LBTO Picture Of The Day - March 2016 Archive

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20160331 - From: Kevin Newton

Raymond changing out bogie VFD

20160330 - From: Michael Lefebvre

Rick Hansen tied off on the DX C-Ring extension in support of the retro-cube removal from AGW.

20160327 - From: Michael Wagner

Easter sunset...

20160325 - From: Jim Wiese

Sx side LBTI-UIAP Rack mount cabinets installed.
Thank you everyone from the mountain crew for all your work!

20160322 - From: John Little

The LBTI UIAP has been installed and the telescope balanced. Here is Jim W and Chris B with Jared S on the crane, installing the platform.

20160320 - From: Michael Wagner

Keeping the principal of expanding space and time in mind\x85 at the summit we also sometimes manufacture space\x85 and time. Jared in the forklift... 'making room' in the Aux Bay...

20160314 - From: John Little

The chamber is green again. That a way ---