LBTO Picture Of The Day - June 2016 Archive

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20160630 - From: Michael Wagner

Jay, Chris, and Terry working on the ICS modification layout\x85

20160628 - From: John Hill

Here's a slightly delayed Picture of the Day from June 28. This
is the "Presentation of the Haggis" from the conference dinner at the
SPIE conference in Edinburgh held at "The Hub". (You have to zoom in
a bit to see the haggis on the table.) The guy playing the bagpipes
then recited the Rabbie Burns poem "Address to a Haggis"* before
cutting it open with his sword. What we actually had for dinner was a
meatball-sized haggis that had been deep-fried to make "crispy haggis"
(see second photo).


P.S. I ate the haggis, but is better to order the fish & chips!

20160626 - From: Alessandro Cavallaro

(BONUS Video of the Day)

Here is the rain coming...

20160626 - From: Steve Allanson

Rain on and around Mt Graham today. Here's a panorama from the balcony.

20160624 - From: John Little