LBTO Picture Of The Day - January 2016 Archive

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20160130 - From: Michael Wagner

Jared Schuh in the bucket lift, working on the Aux Bay crane auxiliary hoist...

20160128 - From: Steve Allanson

The view from the TO station tonight, observing a high redshift galaxy with LBCB and LUCI2.

20160127 - From: John Little

Rick and Bruce working on the high bay crane.

20160124 - From: Michael Wagner

Sunday morning, our partners on the Linc-Nervana team moving one GWS sensor out of and one sensor into, the clean room. Left to right- Frank, Maria, Valentina, and Tom (in the blue/green jacket)\x85

20160123 - From: Michael Wagner

LUCI2 mask exchange- Jared, Chris, and John (closest to farthest) positioning the Aux Cryostat into position behind LUCI2\x85

20160122 - From: Michael Wagner

Chris and LeRoy headed home after a good days work\x85

20160121 - From: Michael Wagner

End of day- Raymond and Jay at the white board, logging their work...