LBTO Picture Of The Day - February 2016 Archive

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20160225 - From: John Little

High bay full!

20160223 - From: Michael Wagner

The crew rigging the LN UIAP in the Aux Bay. LN UIAP telescope installation is on the menu for today\x85

20160222 - From: Michael Wagner

Raymond wiping down the LBTI UIAP (Level 7 telescope platform) in the Aux Bay. Prep for a test fit later in the week\x85

20160220 - From: Steve Allanson

A fallen tree blocks access to the mountain road in both directions. I believe that's Wade Boltinghouse working the hacksaw. Thanks to the day crew as well for helping clear a path!

Picture courtesy of Amali Vaz of the LBTI team.